An Artists Love Story by Henry-John Kurth

The forest path stretches before you
Lot with warm pools of light
Lush green landscapes for us to stroll through
It represents the path of life

They met in Florida; married 1987
They call Wisconsin their home
Their own little slice of heaven
Where the majestic White Pines grow

Their faith and love of nature is clear to see
They love to travel and share their passion
Every artwork painted collaboratively
Honored with their painting adorning their gov’ner’s mansion

She will start on a blank canvas
Then the details, he’ll complete
A world where all your cares can vanish
And feel the soft warm earth beneath your feet

They are the epitome of devotion
In radiant colors and different styles
Their art seen in 40 countries and across the ocean
They’re Kevin and Wendy Schaefer Miles

Henry-John Kruth

A poem written by an auctioneer that sells our work. He will be on the Norwegian Pearl in Alaska. Say hi from us if you see him. Kevin D. Miles

Arizona Fine Art Expo 2020

Schaefer Miles exhibit Arizona Fine Art Expo 2020

Hi from Sunny Arizona! The show in Scottsdale is winding down so if you are interested in catching Schaefer/Miles to commission that perfect painting for your home or office now is the time to come and see what is on exhibit!

Arizona Fine Art Expo is open daily 10am to 6pm and is located at

26540 N. Scottsdale Road., Scottsdale, AZ 85255-9343

Schaefer-Miles has been creating beautiful and original paintings for over 30 years. Their collaborative works have been collected around the world! See their work first hand at the Expo and find a piece that speaks to you!

About the Expo
Whether you are an avid art collector or just starting your collection, the vast array of fine art genres and mediums exhibited at the 16th Annual Arizona Fine Art EXPO will exceed expectations. An incomparable art experience, the EXPO2020 provides a rare opportunity to meet artists while they work in their studio creating fine art. The Arizona Fine Art EXPO is in the heart of the Sonoran Desert, 124 art studios within a 44,000 sq. Ft tent, the EXPO is the art destination of Arizona.

Immerse yourself in this fine art experience! Join us and discover artists from across the United States. Bronze, Stone Carving, Metal Sculptures, Wood Sculptures, Copper Sculptures, and Furniture, Southwest Art, Western Art, Mid-Century Modern, Contemporary, Realism, Modern, Impressionism, and Abstract. Paintings in Watercolor, Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Graphite & Pencil Drawings, Glass, Gourds, Ceramics, Photography, Jewelry and much more.

July 15th, 2018 Schaefer/Miles Eau Claire Leader Telegram Article

Walls Of Marshfield Medical Centerr Adorned By Area Artists.

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Walls Of Marshfield Medical Centerr Adorned By Area Artists.

July 18th, 2018 – Whitehall, WI

Local touch: Walls of Marshfield Medical Center adorned by area artists More than 150 pieces of work hanging in center were created by artists in the Chippewa Valley

ByKaty MacekPublished on July 15, 2018

Eau Claire artists Wendy Schaefer-Miles and Kevin Miles pose on June 7 in their studio at Artisan Forge Studios, 1106 Mondovi Road. The couple is among 10 artists from Artisan Forge Studios whose work is featured in the new Marshfield Medical Center-Eau Claire Hospital. The hospital holds more than 150 pieces of work by local artists.STAFF PHOTO BY DAN REILAND

Bright, vibrant wall constructions made out of recycled items in funky designs will greet children in the new Marshfield Medical Center-Eau Claire Hospital’s pediatrics unit and cancer center, and the works’ creator hopes they help ease children’s minds during visits.

Artisan Forge Studios gallery director Christy Skuban’s pieces are inspired by her own childhood playing with tinker toys and colored wooden blocks.

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“It was a time of innocence and joy for me, which I still carry around,” Skuban said. “It’s very childlike. Hopefully they’ll be uplifting to patients and their families because the meaning behind my art is to bring joy.”

Skuban is one of 10 artists with Artisan Forge Studios whose work was selected for the new medical center that is scheduled to open July 23 (the cancer center opened in October). But it doesn’t stop there. Marshfield Clinic Health System’s staff were intentional about purchasing local art for the organization, said Bobbie Erwin, the hospital’s New Visions Gallery director, who was among a group of people who selected art for the new Eau Claire location.

Of the 183 pieces of artwork hanging in the medical center, about 150 of them were purchased from local artists and galleries. Erwin said the buyers worked with Eau Claire Regional Arts Center, artists at Banbury Place, 200 Main gallery and Riverwood Art & Framing to find art, as well as more than 25 independent artists.

Internal medicine physicians Dr. Effrain Sueldo and Dr. Martha Hidalgo together donated 17 photographs, mostly of local and regional landscapes, for the medical center.

“That not only helps with the bottom line, but it’s such a great way for people to connect with the work, by seeing art done by their provider,” Erwin said.

Erwin, who works at the Marshfield location, was pleasantly surprised around 1½ years ago when they began the hunt for local art.

“The Eau Claire community was so surprising to me, as someone coming into the community as new,” she said. “It is very arts-focused. There are so many talented artists.”

Among those artists are husband-and-wife duo Wendy Schaefer-Miles and Kevin Miles, who work in Artisan Forge Studios. Marshfield Clinic purchased several of Schaefer-Miles’ abstract “Meditation Series” paintings.

Miles thinks his wife’s pieces will be a great addition to the hospital. The two are known for their realist paintings of landscapes, so he said he was glad to see someone take an interest in his wife’s other project — one he is in awe of.

“When she starts these paintings, she has no preconceived idea where it’s going to go,” he said. “I call it the space between the thoughts, because she goes to this place where she’s not even really thinking about it, it just comes out of her.”

The two have sold their art at expos around the world and have it featured on cruise ships and websites, among other places. They also worked with Marshfield Clinic’s New Visions Gallery in Marshfield, which features rotating exhibits from artists around the world. Knowing the art Marshfield Clinic officials have access to, Miles said he respected them for being willing to purchase so many new pieces for the Eau Claire hospital.

“They have access to so much art globally, so it’s nice they choose to support local,” he said.

He’s glad to see people taking an appreciation in fine art — something he thinks can be taken for granted in a world where you can buy mass-produced products at the touch of a keyboard. Being cooped up in a studio many hours of the day, he added it’s easy to forget something so personal can have meaning for so many.

“It seems very selfish what you (as an artist) are doing because a lot of the time you’re having so much fun, and it’s so gratifying personally,” Miles said. “It’s nice to hear other people enjoy it too.”

Skuban, who has been with Artisan Forge Studios since it formed in 2015, said she was proud to see artists like Wendy and Kevin have their work recognized. The artist collective has worked with corporations before, she said, but nothing to the level of the Marshfield Medical Center partnership.

She added they were willing to support younger artists purchasing their art, which is powerful for someone just starting out. And even though she knew long before stepping foot in the medical center they were working with local artists, seeing it during an open house June 14 was an entirely different experience.

“There are so many artists, not only from Artisan Forge but from the area, and it was overwhelming,” Skuban said of her tour. “It almost brought me to tears to see how our work was displayed and all of the local work there.”

Erwin said the hospital’s goal is to create a healing environment through the artwork on display, and they intentionally select pieces with a positive, uplifting vibe. She added they receive an art budget going into any major remodel or construction site. It is always their goal to purchase local, she said, citing recently adding a new wing in Stevens Point asan example.

In Eau Claire, purchasing local art led to another project, Erwin said: Marshfield Clinic’s New Visions Gallery will host an exhibit featuring Artisan Forge Studios artists in 2020.

“I wanted to bring a group of these artists and their work to Marshfield,” she said. “Maybe there are folks in Marshfield that will never step foot in Eau Claire, but they can really enjoy some of the artwork by these wonderful artists.”

The Marshfield Medical Center is the organization’s main hub and draws patients from more than 40 countries and every state in the U.S., meaning these artists have the chance to gain a much wider audience.

Contact reporter: 715-833-9214,, @KatherineMacek on Twitter


Lake Norman Festival of the Arts Huntersville, NC May 19th & 20th

Kevin and I love outdoor art festivals and the immediacy of the venue. The wonderful excitement of new works of art and artists of all kinds showcasing their latest creations along with the passion, the beauty, and the thrill of being in the moment with like minded creatives is what this weekend is all about.

Come out and join the scene…

Schaefer Miles SB Art Festival 2017

The Lake Norman Festival of the Arts at Birkdale Village is a must-do experience for fans of fine art. Nestled near Lake Norman, this community is known as an ideal weekend destination just north of Charlotte. The Lake Norman Festival of the Arts will provide you an exclusive opportunity to experience a range of phenomenal creations ranging from beautiful sculptures, photography, glass, paintings, ceramics, one-of-a-kind jewelry, and mixed media. Enjoy all the Birkdale Village has to offer – grab a bite at a local eatery, visit more than 60 retailers and purchase original artwork from the artists, as you enjoy this weekend of visual inspiration.

Throw back thrusday, Wendy Schaefer late 70s doing her thing.

Wow, my uncle David Schaefer shared this photo he took of me.

By the look of the artwork I would say it was the late 70’s. I was still doing pastel portraits, which I actually miss doing… My mom was keeping track of everything, she did all my record keeping, was my biggest supporter, critic and best friend.

The chicken wire art display and my easel were all made at home – I can remember cutting the sharp wire and stapling it. We later covered it with blue fabric. I see pen and ink sketches oil paintings and airbrushed acrylics. The back wall has intaglio printmaking from the classes I was taking at UWEC. I still love doing shows and festivals- getting out and sharing my passion, still makes my cry as I miss my Mom but I am so grateful of her love and support. I am so thankful that my husband and I found each other so we can create and continue on this path. I don’t know why but it simply fills my heart with joy.

So for all you creative types out there.  Be courageous, be yourself and do it!

Best Wendy Schaefer and Phyllis Schaefer 1979 -80 by david schaefer web (2)

Creating art at outdoor Festivals – Schaefer/Miles

Creating at outdoor art festivals.

Summer show season fun is coming!

Kevin and I love painting at the outdoor art festivals,

We wish we could do more! Here I am starting an original oil painting at one of the shows.

Wendy Schaefer Miles Painting

It is always the best way to connect with art lovers and artists. Come out and see us painting together on our work. Check out this video to get a sneak peek.

What do we like about it? Just about everything, it is physically and mentally challenging and just when we think we have had enough of the bad weather the sun comes out and charms us to paint and the crowds come out onto the scene. I have been going to art festivals since I was a child packing up my art with my mom in our van, it was a great way to meet people and see new things.

The change of pace is exhilarating and the new scenery is always beckoning us to hike with our sketch books, easels and camera.

If you haven’t been to a show I highly recommend it. Go out in your area and support a local art festival with your presence. Better yet support an artist at the show by engaging, learning about and purchasing a unique piece to bring home with you. I guarantee you will find it an uplifting and inspiring experience with great stories to tell your friends!


Wendy & Kevin


Americana Hometown 1915 Artwork by Schaefer/Miles

Americana Hometown 1915 Artwork by Schaefer/Miles

Kevin and I moved back to my hometown in 1988. It was a beautiful sunny day like the one pictured and truth be told not much has changed since 1915. Except loved ones have come and gone and young ones either move on or return home again to experience the peace of rural living.

Seymour Gardens 72res

Seymour Gardens has been published from a 3’x6′ original oil painting. In 1989, artists Wendy Schaefer-Miles and Kevin Miles were commissioned to paint a piece for the new medical facility Gunderson Clinic, in Wendy’s hometown of Whitehall, WI. The artists’ imaginative view portrays a day at the garden park that once surrounded Whitehall’s Bandstand. The magnificent gardens which were developed by the Women’s Civic Association are long gone, but the bandstand built in 1915, still remains. The popularity of the painting has inspired the modern day citizens of the town to restore some of the garden to its past glory.

Schaefer/Miles Fine Art

Vintage Offset Fine Art Paper Lithograph 1100 S/N.  –  Image Sized 32” x 16”   $125.00

Mini print on demand 5” x 10” $25.00

Custom Framing available.

Collectibles of this painting are available at Fine Art America  note cards, mugs, pillows and totes.


Some of our original drawings and sketches still exist in our files. We took photos of people to use in the painting and you will see my parents and Kevin and I in the painting. It still hangs in Gunderson Clinic.

It was one our first collaborative commissioned paintings and we are still very proud of it today.


Wendy Schaefer-Miles & Kevin D. Miles

A Day in the Park with Schaefer/Miles

“A Day in the Park” Original Oil by Schaefer/Miles 36” x 60”

The stone fence is a wonderful backdrop for these birch trees that beckon us to stop and rest awhile on our days walk in the park. On a beautiful hike last fall with our daughter Camille.

“A Day in the Park” Original Oil Painting by Kevin D. Miles and Wendy Schaefer-Miles Collaborative husband and wife oil painters.




Hiking. “Above Booth Falls” Oil Painting

Original Oil Painting by Schaefer Miles above-booth-falls-oil-schaefer-miles-web“Above Booth Falls” 48 x 60 The hike at Booth Falls just east of Vail Colorado offers amazing views of a valley filled with wildflowers. On a beautiful sunny day your soul soars to greater heights.
Rest and rejuvenate as you immerse yourself in this peaceful world.
Let your heart love the solitude and contemplate with wonder and contentment the natural glory God has shared with us.