Creating art at outdoor Festivals – Schaefer/Miles

Creating at outdoor art festivals.

Summer show season fun is coming!

Kevin and I love painting at the outdoor art festivals,

We wish we could do more! Here I am starting an original oil painting at one of the shows.

Wendy Schaefer Miles Painting

It is always the best way to connect with art lovers and artists. Come out and see us painting together on our work. Check out this video to get a sneak peek.

What do we like about it? Just about everything, it is physically and mentally challenging and just when we think we have had enough of the bad weather the sun comes out and charms us to paint and the crowds come out onto the scene. I have been going to art festivals since I was a child packing up my art with my mom in our van, it was a great way to meet people and see new things.

The change of pace is exhilarating and the new scenery is always beckoning us to hike with our sketch books, easels and camera.

If you haven’t been to a show I highly recommend it. Go out in your area and support a local art festival with your presence. Better yet support an artist at the show by engaging, learning about and purchasing a unique piece to bring home with you. I guarantee you will find it an uplifting and inspiring experience with great stories to tell your friends!


Wendy & Kevin



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