Throw back thrusday, Wendy Schaefer late 70s doing her thing.

Wow, my uncle David Schaefer shared this photo he took of me.

By the look of the artwork I would say it was the late 70’s. I was still doing pastel portraits, which I actually miss doing… My mom was keeping track of everything, she did all my record keeping, was my biggest supporter, critic and best friend.

The chicken wire art display and my easel were all made at home – I can remember cutting the sharp wire and stapling it. We later covered it with blue fabric. I see pen and ink sketches oil paintings and airbrushed acrylics. The back wall has intaglio printmaking from the classes I was taking at UWEC. I still love doing shows and festivals- getting out and sharing my passion, still makes my cry as I miss my Mom but I am so grateful of her love and support. I am so thankful that my husband and I found each other so we can create and continue on this path. I don’t know why but it simply fills my heart with joy.

So for all you creative types out there.  Be courageous, be yourself and do it!

Best Wendy Schaefer and Phyllis Schaefer 1979 -80 by david schaefer web (2)


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