An Artists Love Story by Henry-John Kurth

The forest path stretches before you
Lot with warm pools of light
Lush green landscapes for us to stroll through
It represents the path of life

They met in Florida; married 1987
They call Wisconsin their home
Their own little slice of heaven
Where the majestic White Pines grow

Their faith and love of nature is clear to see
They love to travel and share their passion
Every artwork painted collaboratively
Honored with their painting adorning their gov’ner’s mansion

She will start on a blank canvas
Then the details, he’ll complete
A world where all your cares can vanish
And feel the soft warm earth beneath your feet

They are the epitome of devotion
In radiant colors and different styles
Their art seen in 40 countries and across the ocean
They’re Kevin and Wendy Schaefer Miles

Henry-John Kruth

A poem written by an auctioneer that sells our work. He will be on the Norwegian Pearl in Alaska. Say hi from us if you see him. Kevin D. Miles


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